It’s not that people don’t dream and dream big. It’s that they allow the “can’t do” & disbelieving sentiments & voices of others (society, friends, family, significant others) to become louder than the voice within themselves… the WHISPER of destiny that calls them into a greatness they don’t realize we all deserve. Today, I say listen more to your INSIDE VOICE so that the outside voices become tuned out completely.

The one thing that I have always lacked is proper time management and consistency. I think it’s because I believed in so many things that were previous failures or disappointments, that I lost what little sense of false confidence that took residence in my space. If I had to identify one reason for my conditions that were not conducive to my excellence, I could always spot fear and insecurity from a mile away.

I no longer walk with uncertainty, skepticism, or disbelief. Instead, I give everyone and everything a fair shot of consideration and assessment when presented with pitches, opportunities, and ideas. I no longer rush to judgement about what others have found that works for them, and now instead I take what I can use from their experience, offerings, and professions to my advantage and spit out the rest.

As I have never been a fan of any type of affiliate marketing, I can honestly say it was my lack of understanding and inability to grasp the concept which prevented me from taking the time to invest in learning more. Now I invest in doing more and also gaining more physically, mentally, spiritually, financially and emotionally. I still can’t believe I’ve found one that not only I enjoy, but actually works completely independent of myself and my efforts as all I do is what I’ve always done and that is be me, do me, and keep it moving.

The greatest upside to my affiliate marketing business isn’t the earnings on this side of the equation. The truth of the matter is the greatest upside has been using the products and learning everything I can about business that my graduate degree and MBA never taught me. The valuation of this program extends beyond the quick fast and in a hurry sentiment that I once assumed about such measures as these, the valuation of this program lies more in what it’s taught and still teaches me about my self, my company’s business practices, and what my overall strategy should be.

Make the time to take a minute to evaluate what I share on every level. Take what works for you and give me back the rest to share with someone else. Everything isn’t for everybody but I there could even be the smallest thing that is in this for YOU! Don’t put off your dreams or dreaming another moment. Don’t struggle to remember what you’ve dreamed about, just begin this program and learn how to re-dream even bigger!

Life is about finally coming alive & building wealth.

All beginnings start with an introduction to the person and I believe this should be no different. I am a woman on the move and I’m not stopping until I get to where I am supposed to be. Welcome to the world of me, where I’ve grown into ME and finally found my journey towards who and where I’m supposed to be.

I have been quite stubborn over the years always doing things my way, the way I wanted, the way I thought was right. Along the way I fell victim to schemes, falsehoods, and even people who only needed to use me for a moment. I was completely dead set against network marketing feeling extremely rooted in my spiritual beliefs that it was un-biblical. Then one day I got a clue.

As my faith began to grow and I changed some of the areas in my life, including my belief system and practices, I noticed that not only my outlook changed, but the outcomes as well. I became a different type of decision-maker weighing options and being motivated by outcomes rather than fear of failure or loss.

The funny thing is once I became more prudent about what I desired to have as a yield and less prudent about the process to have it, I dismissed all of the mental barriers that were blocking my blessings and had me convinced of only one right way of doing things.

As a result, I have built a company with more assets than most acquire in a lifetime with all the venture capital in the world. Not me. I’ve built my business as an independent proprietor and it is completely and privately owned and held by yours truly; me. I believe in debt free living from every angle, and the ownership and operating of my business is no different.

I’m no longer skeptical about others and intimidated by being successful. I am no longer on the outside looking in at others succeed who have a fraction of my education, determination, or will power. I finally had the courage to admit that the only thing holding me back were my past experiences and the fear of a future “mistake”. I finally took a hold of my emotions and regained control over my destiny, realizing that the POWER to DO and BE has always been mine all along.

Now I am living proof that what I thought was hoopla honestly wasn’t. I just had to find the right fit for me. It took many tries and different products and memberships in different MLM organizations. And while I still have two other network marketing businesses operating in tact and full throttle; none of them has been as more destiny-based as this opportunity and I’ll share why. My other network marketing businesses are about things that I am passionate about – good health and great physical fitness through the use of affordable organic products. I am a vegetarian and I try to live a healthy and prosperous life all the way around. However, my gift and talent above all talents is that I am a writer. I have written books, stage plays, films, I own a magazine and a television network. I have been a blogger for two blogs, my own and one that has millions of subscribers… and guess which one actually pays me the most: YES, THIS ONE. And guess which one has brought me the most satisfaction: YES, THIS ONE. I am finally living the dream everyone speaks of, getting paid for your passion and doing what you love. It never seems like work. I don’t work for a living, I do what I love and I’m good at and am rewarded, taken care of, and blessed for it!

Take your leap of faith when you’re ready, but recognize that there are times in your life when you can no longer afford NOT TO MAKE THAT MOVE. I did, and things have been different ever since. Check out what funds and builds my success. Learn from my mistakes and don’t spend years like I did trying to invent a different way. Use what is here for your taking. Take that leap of faith and understand that your life changes when your decisions and actions do. You can’t pass this up. If you follow me on Facebook and Twitter, then you already know I am about people, their success, and my business. Join the system because it works!

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